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While it may have started with shoes, McGuffin & Purpose’s intentions were always a lot broader than fashion or footwear.

Not wanting to be pigeon-holed by any particular discipline or stream, M&P is about the project: one-offs, interiors, installations, production runs, artistic and cultural, fun and entertainment. It’s as much about furniture and function as it is about a response to the kind of world we’re living in. Then again maybe it’s just nonsense. 

That’s what the two sides of McGuffin & Purpose is about.

Not just one element of design, all of them have their place, there just needed to be a time to strike.  That time is now.

Having always admired polymathic thinkers and doers, McGuffin & Purpose takes this step to act on the myriad ideas and concepts that interest and inspire.

McGuffin & Purpose is about crossing all the boundaries – why can’t we touch on art, fashion, interiors and architecture at once? The idea of being multi-disciplinary, or incorporating old and new, recycled and fresh feels like the right approach.

Using the experience gained over nearly two decades of design, McGuffin & Purpose is approaching interiors and installations with the same fun, yet serious approach that started the brand. Being practical and pragmatic is fine – the ‘Purpose’, but life needs fun and a smile, the ‘McGuffin’, if it’s going to be memorable. 

Somewhere in between fashion and interior design, installation and architecture, lives McGuffin, a place where products and ideas are launched.

It’s as much about celebrating the design greats of yesterday as it is about setting a course for the future and hopefully something to treasure when we get there.